Products inspired by nature


First Light Foods was founded in 2016 by Cape Town foragers Justin Williams and Beverley Klein. Combing through a pristine landscape at first light in search of the tastiest and most natural food on the planet is a truly gratifying pastime and it is this activity that inspired its existence.

Having both had several years experience foraging and getting familiar with the different flavour profiles of various South African, North American and European gourmet wild mushrooms, the couple realized their shared dream of bringing these exquisite treasures from the earth to South African kitchens and markets. Justin and Beverley’s freshly-foraged produce can be found on the menus of some of South Africa’s finest restaurants, with much emphasis placed on sustainable harvesting and impeccable quality.

All First Light Foods products are wildcrafted, hand-foraged and 100% natural as they should be. From the nutty, delicate flavour of a porcino mushroom and the rich, smoky notes of a black trumpet mushroom, to the fruity and woody tang of a chanterelle mushroom, there are surprising flavours waiting to be unlocked in every bundle from First Light Foods.

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